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Player's Name: Dent
AIM/Plurk/email: DoctorDententa on AIM, Dententa on Plurk, and
Time zone: Mountain Time

Character: Ratigan

Series: The Great Mouse Detective

Version: Right after sending Fidget out to take Olivia.

Age: Young enough to deliver a beat down, old enough to be out of his teens and to smoke.
Gender: Male

Appearance: A hulking mass of a rat, Ratigan has huge sloping shoulders, thick arms, and broad chest all over undersized feet. The rat towers over most mice at about eight to nine inches. In relation to his size, his feet and hands are human-like and quite small. Judging from his face, most of his fur bears a dark reddish brown, save for a heavy five-o-clock shadow round his face. Atop his head sits black, greasy hair carefully combed over. Overall, Ratigan gives the appearance of street sewage who walked out of a high-end tailor’s shop. He wears a black suit and pants with a pink and purple cravat, over which sits a black cape with a red underside.

Personality: A deviant intellect rivaling that of Basil’s, Ratigan holds the honor as the most contemptible and vile criminals in the entire kingdom, a fact in which he take most pride. His criminal genius and lack of morals gives him an extremely smug sense of self, something he’s all too willing to showboat. Professor Padriac Ratigan remains enamored with his huge ego. Depending what he wants from someone, Ratigan can appear charismatic or menacing at the drop of a hat. He’s not above manipulating/bullying others into getting what he wants. He simply does not care for others beyond their use as stooges or as victims for his next villainous kick. He lacks much sense of personal space, easily getting his grubby hands all over the next person. There isn’t much he doesn’t object to on moral grounds. Yes, the greatest criminal mind would happily kick a priest off the Tower of London, giggling like mad the entire time. While he likes to pamper himself in luxury and keep an appearance of a refined dandy, underneath all the flamboyance and dandyism lays a dangerous, violent beast. Ratigan go to lengths to keep his violent, primal nature hidden by dressing in the finest clothes and acting the most genteel. He will fly into a rage at the moment someone reminds him of what he truly is—a rat. However, as try as he might there are times when his anger explodes: sometimes in a slowly simmering broil or an all-out eruption of fury. A bombastic, flamboyant rat, Ratigan seeks to top himself and Basil with an even more over-the-top crime than before. He gets a kick out of performing atrocities and doesn’t care who objects. The only thing that really gives him pause is his obsession with his rival Basil and keeping his true species under wraps. Other than that, Ratigan is truly evil unbound.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: (Strengths referring to personality type strengths. Not physical ones.) As a rat, Ratigan possesses a brute strength which he won’t hold back when pushed hard enough. However, as a ‘gentleman’, Ratigan prefers to use his intellect when attempting to outwit the police and Basil. Indeed he can concoct quite the scheme whether kidnapping a toymaker in order to usurp the Queen of mousedom or crafting a complex death trap. In addition Ratigan can use his charisma/brute nature to round up some lackeys to do his bidding.
Felicia: A fat, spoiled cat at Ratigan’s beck and call (By means of a bell). Ratigan has no problem feeding any mouse to his ‘baby’ when need arises.
Weaknesses: (Physical and mental) Despite all his strength and intelligence, Ratigan can overestimate himself. As said, he hold a huge ego and that arrogance can lead him to making mistakes, particularly when he thinks he’s winning. His bordering-on-stalking obsession with Basil tends to have the same effect on him as well. Along with his arrogance, he can let his psychotic anger get the best of him. Two things can push him into a frothing ire: one, the idea that Basil can beat him and two, anyone calling him a rat.

History: Already infamous for a number of crimes, by the beginning of the movie Ratigan has already hatched a hideous scheme. At the start he sends his hench-bat Fidget to nab a toymaker Mr. Flaversham in order to produce a diabolical machine. However, the toymaker seems more reluctant to assist the professor in his scheme than Ratigan anticipated. Sending Fidget out again to fetch Flaversham’s daughter Olivia, Ratigan returns to his lair to gloat on his latest criminal enterprise. Sadly, his gloating is rudely interrupted by a drunken lackey who insists he’s a rat. He disposes of the mouse to his pet Felicia before carrying on with his show-boating. Eventually Fidget captures the girl, but not without having his rival the brilliant mouse detective Basil on his tail. Ratigan soon realizes this gives him the opportunity to set a trap for Basil which succeeds with flying colors. Completely shocked by being outwitted, Ratigan easily places Basil and his assistant Dawson in an intricate death trap. To his dismay, he doesn’t have enough time to watch his rival’s demise. Off he went to the Queen’s jubilee, where with a duplicate of the queen (Made by Mr. Flaversham) Ratigan kidnaps the queen and declares himself the new royal advisor. Soon, however, Basil foils his plot and the Queen is rescued from the jaws of Felicia by Basil’s hound Toby. His plan ruined, Ratigan nabs Olivia and takes off into his dirigible. After a lengthy chase Basil and Ratigan crash into the clockworks of Big Ben. Basil saves Olivia, but soon after an enraged Ratigan attacks Basil. After their scuffle they both fall, which leads to the professor’s death.
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